TM's All Because of a Book T-Shirt Give-A-Way!

October 5, 2005-

The day Twilight was published, creating a chain of events that would change SO many of our lives!


TwilightMOMS has had the distinct honor and privilege of being a banner under which adult fans of the series could gather to discuss the saga in ALLLL the ways it has affected our lives, unequivocally shifting trajectories for many of us (for the better!), creating friendships that have evolved into family...


And it happened...

All Because of A Book.


So first, allow us to thank Queen Stephenie-

Many of us have had the incredible opportunity to meet you, share a laugh, trespassed on your shy nature to tell you how much your work means to us and you have been unfailingly gracious. We can NEVER, ever begin to find any or all the words to describe how much your deceptively simple story of vampire meets girl has changed our world, but weโ€™ll always have a box of Conversation hearts with your name on them.


Second, to every single person who has found their tribe with TwilightMOMS, you are everything. It would be too much to try to even touch upon how much this remarkable fandom means to us, so weโ€™re opening up to all of you!


We are super excited to give away one of our very exclusive TwilightMOMS: All Because of A Book t-shirts youโ€™ll only see worn by the TwilightMOMS OG team.


(1. Follow TwilightMOMS on our socials

(2. Answer the following question: What has TwilightMOMS meant to you?


We will choose a winner this Friday, contest is open to our friends internationally(see details below), though youโ€™ll want to check out our rules and regs available on our news blog at TwilightMOMS.net


If you are NOT the lucky winner chosen Friday do not despair!


We are also over the moon to formally announce our TwilightMOMS shop at Redbubble will be open for business as soon as we put the finishing touches on all the goodies!


We hope you will all be as excited by what we hope will be a fun and unique line of Twilight saga inspired products as we are... lol, yes, we have been our fist and very best customers.

Someone has to try them all out to make sure they are just right๐Ÿ˜‰

Good luck, everyone!


For International winners, we will pay $15.00 towards shipping and the recipient will be responsible for any shipping and import fees over the $15.00.


Once we draw a winner, we will send a DM! Please respond within 24 hours with your name and mailing address or we will move to select another winner!


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