An Update on Stephenie's Midnight Sun Book Tour

Stephenie has had to cancel the in-person book tour scheduled for this summer but she's making it up to us in some fun ways!

TheHow To Win An Intimate Evening With Stephenie Meyer, Your Favorite Bookstore, And Twenty Of Your Friendscontest is live!

Click here for details on how to enter.

The Virtual Tour!

On August 10th at 7 pm ET, Books-a-Million will be hosting a ticketed virtual event via Crowdcast. Check out this link for how to purchase tickets. If you’ve already pre-ordered a book from BAM, check for an email from them for a coupon code so you don’t have to buy more than one copy to attend. 

On August 14th at 7pm ET, Barnes and Noble is hosting a public virtual event via their social pages!

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