We can't wait to get our hard copies in the mail so we've got it cued up on Kindle and Audible just to be safe! ⠀

Meanwhile, here's a recipe for an iced coffee drink with pomegranate juice to help you keep the Midnight Sun oil burning. ⠀

Tips: For you non coffee drinkers, use Crio Bru or other brued yumminess. Also, if you like your coffee sweet, add 1 tsp sugar. ⠀

Happy All Nighter!

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And the race is almost on to see how quickly you can finish reading #MidnightSun. Just ONE. DAY. LEFT. Who's ready?!?!


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Well I would announce it here but her description is too lovely and long to reduce to a few buzz words- head over to Stephenie's site to read the full story!! The entire post explains why we love her soo much!! You need to read this post! Especially if you came to Twilight through the movies you need to read this post to understand the real Stephenie Meyer and why we hold her soo dear...

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