TwilightMOMS: The History

“All Because of a Book”


Little did Lisa Hansen know when she picked up Twilight off the shelf in (July of 2007) that she would be in for the ride of a lifetime.  This mild mannered Mormon from California finished Twilight and went hunting around on the old internet to find like minded women. Could she be the only 34 year-old married woman who was suddenly enamored with a sparkly vampire?


She searched high and low on MySpace and Friendster, and started a blog about the series.  Lisa finally found some like-minded women and what started as a MySpace page of 10 friends quickly became 50 and blossomed into the website known as TwilightMOMS.  


Over the past 13 years the site has gone from 50 members to over 50,000 across the world during the height of The Twilight Saga movie release madness.  There have been trips to Forks, book release parties, set visits, awards shows, red carpet interviews, and amazing after parties.  Leaving several of us to wonder “How is this my life??” 


The glamorous life of movie premieres and being onstage at numerous conventions has been amazing but the best part of this group- is the community.  The sense of sisterhood no matter your background, politics or religious views- we all have a common thread - the love of the Twilight Series and it’s author Stephenie Meyer.  The friendships we have developed have transcended the saga and the internet to a network of supportive women.


Now that the release of Midnight Sun is finally upon us after what seems like a lifetime of waiting, we are reuniting to bring you TwilightMOMS 2.0!! Join us on the next part of the saga as we return to Forks with a new outlook on life- older, wiser (maybe), and still filled with wonder and love for The Twilight Saga and Stephenie Meyer.

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